Image Consultant.

Wardrobe Stylist.

Long list…I know!

It’s been a winding road to get where I am. I started off in the visual arts. Show me a visual problem and I can solve it. Art, style, clothing, composition, graphic design, merchandising, closet design, and the visual math required to make an outfit go from sloppy to put-together have always been first and foremost my most marketable talents. Once I had the confidence I have always styled those who would let me into their closets, but charging for it took some time. I went to design school and then worked in marketing departments for seven years before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 found me laid off. BEST. THING. THAT. COULD. HAVE. HAPPENED!

After deciding I needed a break from my passion being my job and a very powerful experience in counseling myself, I decided I wanted to do something BIGGER. I wanted to help, and specifically help women. I went back to school to get my BS in Psychology and then pursued my Masters in Social Science to become a counselor myself. I worked in the homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, and mental health fields during and after my training…but then a funny thing happened. Motherhood!

photo by Uniquely Wise Photography

photo by Uniquely Wise Photography

I had my son, and suddenly the overwhelming industries I had worked in didn’t seem like a fun challenge anymore. With the added pressures of motherhood they seemed like a drain. And no one should EVER do work they think is a drain. Let those who love it take those roles. So, I pivoted.

I knew I still wanted to help women and people striving for more. I knew my visual passions where still there for me. I knew I worked well with clients. And the FUNNIEST thing was that people just kept asking and asking for me to style them…and charge for it. It’s embarrassing how many times the universe had to beat me over the head with this fact, but my entire life experience had prepared me to style women to increase their confidence and help them achieve their dreams.

I began charging for the styling I had been doing for years, and developed Style Class in 2017.

Style Class™ with Rose Jubb is dedicated to the working women and men in corporate settings needing to up their image game to get ahead, lady bosses that on their own businesses, and folks in the Portland area needing wardrobe styling.

It was such a relief to have Rose help me go through my closet. I couldn’t get rid of stuff - even though I know I needed to. She helped me pull outfits together with things I had that I would have never thought about! Thanks Rose!
— Stacy S.

What style class has Achieved

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