Style. Psych. Marketing. Rose attacks all the issues her clients come to her with from multiple angles. She’s an image consultant and wardrobe stylist by trade with education in design, psychology, and counseling. Along with 17-years marketing and sales industry experience, she holds her Masters in Social Science. An specific mix, sent to solve specific problems.

What does this mean? She gets in your customers brains! She knows what they are assuming within seconds of meeting your sales pros. Then, she turns around and teaches your team how to reel them in.

Her unique background of marketing and psychology allows her to throughly teach these concepts to sales professionals, but it never gets dry. Rose prides herself in delivering all presentations in a non-mean-girl, warm, funny manner with the ultimate goals of SOLVING PROBLEMS. It should be impactful and memorable for the attendees, but it can also be so fun!


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  • Rose’s earliest memory is telling (fighting with) her mom about what she should wear to preschool.

  • She’s originally from the Midwest, which means she shows up and she works hard.

  • Being the momma of a preschooler, she totally gets how hard it is to get out of the house looking alive, much less feeling cool and confident. She has ALL the tricks to make it easier.

  • She holds degrees in Communication Art & Design, Psychology, and has her Masters in Social Science.

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