Body Neutral Styling

This week I got some behind the scenes feedback from someone disappointed that I still give styling tips for cleverly camouflaging things women don't love about their bodies. In no way is this a clap back to that feedback, in fact, I'm thankful for the feedback because it's a conversation we should be having in the style community.


Should we be giving women style tips about camouflaging parts of their body that they dislike? What if that just continues the cycle of women hating their bodies for not living up to societies impossible standards? But what if those tips will give the momentary boost of confidence required for these clients to start exploring their value outside their looks? You see where my struggle lies. Clients ask for all these tips, but I really just wish we could all take a step back and realize that the reason we feel insecure about our tummies, or thighs, or bums is because society has told us that we don't fit an impossible standard.

I want to be super clear about my stance, as I feel like the Body Positive movement is such a beautiful step forward, but I also know personally speaking that staying completely positive about my own body at all times would be exhausting. Turning into just one more thing that I can't do correctly in this world. So, I'm doing my best to reach Body Neutrality in a personal capacity and I've definitely reached it in my styling career. I. DON'T. CARE. WHAT. YOUR. BODY. LOOKS. LIKE. I'm a truly neutral about your body and all it's individual parts. I've seen all of them. I've dressed all of them. I've gotten women on the road to more confidence and their goals. 

So what can I do as a stylist?

1) I won't give those tips unless someone asks specifically for them. And even then I will challenge them to first think about why they dislike that area so much.

2) I'll keep challenging my own ideals and learning about body positivity. I can only really start with being a good example.

Have an opinion and want to contribute to the healthy conversation about body positivity? Comment below!

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