Capsule Closets for Beginners

So, loads of people talk about capsule closets, but do you know what they are? It's a way to build a smaller wardrobe, or a bunch of mini wardrobes for different areas of your life. It promotes a faster getting ready time and less spending (and using less resources), but you have to be pretty strict with yourself and it's not for everyone. I, myself, love variety and spicing it up a bit to much. Ha! But maybe it's your jam! There are many great reads on capsule closets, my favorite being The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The whole point is to get as many pieces that go with each other as possible. We're avoiding those tops that only go with one pair of slacks and those dresses you can only wear with one specific kind of shoe. Versatility is the key! 

Here's my biggest tip, whether you're trying to build a capsule closet or just trying to streamline your oversized beauty of a closet: 80% of your closet should be high quality, neutral basics AND 20% of your closet should be trendier pieces in colors that look great on you and that go with all your neutrals.

Below is an example primary and secondary neutrals (colors that go with everything and colors that go with almost everything):

Presentation Color Examples3.jpg

Below is an example of two capsule closets, one for someone with a more cool undertone and one for someone with a warmer one.

Presentation Color Examples.jpg

Tune in next week to learn how to find the best pops of color for your undertones!