Undertones and Your Closet

Greetings! Let's get down to it! Have you ever put something on and looked in the mirror and thought, "Geez, I look soooo pale." Or thought, "man this color really washes me out and makes me look like I'm wearing more makeup than I am." This can also be a little more obvious in pictures and natural light. Pay attention to the colors that do this to you because most often it's because it clashes with your natural skin undertones. 

Below is a great illustration of warm color choices versus cool. But how does this apply to you?

Presentation Color Examples2.jpg

People naturally have either warm, neutral, or cool undertones. These can be complimented or not by certain colors. A VERY simplified way of looking at this (as there are pros who can show you more) is that warm undertone gals with usually look fab in warmer colors (warm reds, oranges, yellows, bright greens), where cooler undertone gals look better in cooler colors (cool true reds, purples, blues, cooler greens). Neutral gals can pull off a wider variety of colors, but they should still look out for colors that drain them. 

Here are two simple ways (read: easy) to find out your undertone:

1) look at the underside of your wrist (blue veins=cooler undertones / green veins=warmer) 

2) head to your nearest high quality makeup counter. The gals there will be happy to help you determine if you run cooler or warmer, just buy a lipstick to make it worth their time.

How does this translate to your wardrobe? If you're trying to build a capsule wardrobe, or just want to pair down and start buying more high quality pieces, it's going to be important to know what colors look the best on you so you can choose those pops of color to go with your quality neutrals.

Here are two examples of closets (one warm and one cool) from last weeks post about Capsule Closets.

Presentation Color Examples.jpg