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Thank you for visiting Style Class! This is just a quick first post to say hi and introduce my dream project, Style Class. Really, the best way to understand what Style Class will be is by listening to  my podcast! I post a new podcast with different topics every Monday. Though the Intro podcast is the best place to start, so here's the link!

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In episode 1, Intro, I introduce Style Class and why I decided to start this project. I've been styling, inspiring, and increasing the confidence of women through personally styling them, interacting with them on social media, and helping friends and family for years, but it only dawned on me recently that professional style help is only really available to women with means.

So how is the regular gal supposed to use style to her advantage and get to the point where she can hire a stylist like myself if she doesn't have a little style to help her achieve her goals and improve her life first. Why not put out resources for women to learn how to best style themselves?

A book and video training are on the way, but for now I'll be loading you down with new tips every week on my podcast, through Style Class Facebook page, and by providing more personalized help on a private Facebook Style Class: Support Group. You can also subscribe to my newsletter which walks you through all my free resources by visiting the home page here and entering your info. Come join our community!