The Trend Buffet

This episode is for the trend watchers out there. I get so many questions about trends that women don't like. It's such a compliment, because they are looking to me for advice, but I always say the same thing. TREND BUFFET!

As the wise and talented (and gorgeous) Stacy London says, trends are like a buffet (buy her book). You get to pick and choose what's right for you. If millennial pink isn't for you, don't wear it. If you dislike cold shoulders or jumpsuits, don't wear them. But don't waste you emotional currency on hating a piece of clothing. Meh! There's bigger things out there to get riled up about. 

Treat trends like a buffet. You don't take everything from a buffet. You take what you like and what works for you. You don't hate on the croutons and therefore everyone else who likes croutons, right? 

And don't forget, the person you're trying to bond with while ragging on the gal wearing a cold shoulder top might have one at home in her closet. ;)


Have you ever heard someone mocking what you were wearing? How did you handle it?