About the Stylist

This episode, available on both iTunes and Stitcher below, is all about me and how I evolved into a stylist. Yes, I say evolved because I didn't take the route most people might expect. It was basically the perfect storm of art, marketing, love of fashion, love of shopping, and a love of helping women.

art + marketing + fashion + therapy =
personal wardrobe stylist

What sets me apart from other stylists? A few things!

1) My background in marketing: My calling is to help women achieve their goals through style. Getting to your goals means taking stock of your image and how it reflects on your career, business, or life. This is basically marketing yourself to the world, and I can help you wrap your mind around this task.

2) My background in psychology and therapy: You feeling fantastic about you is THE MOST IMPORTANT key to taking control of your style and image. Style is so personal and it takes a gentle touch to generate content and classes that take into account how wrapped up our image is with how we value ourselves. I'm perfectly suited to the task.

3) My passion for helping the little gal: I grew up on a tiny budget and with low self-esteem. I've been there and felt the difference adjusting my image and style has had on my confidence. Style helped pull me up and out and it can help you too. The more confident you are the more you'll achieve. Fact.

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PS: Big shout out to The MOB Nation in this one ;)