Closet Clean Out

Why is an organized closet the key to a happy start to your day?

1) Because clutter in your closet causes your tired mind to clutter as well. Take away the eye clutter and you'll get ready faster with less frustration.

2) You can't make room for anything new without making room for it first!

So let's get down to business! You can download my podcast about Closet Clean Out for iTunes or Stitcher or just listen to it here while you review the notes! If you do subscribe, do me a solid and review me. Okay! First things first!

1) Set aside everything that...
      • you dislike immensely
      • no longer fits
      • has sentimental value only & isn't worn
      • hasn't been worn in 2+ years
      • needs mending

2) Donate or Shwop what you don't love, 
    doesn't fit, or haven't worn in 2+ years.

3) What has sentimental value should be
    stored outside your working closet.

4) Decide whether the items that need
    mending are worth the price of mending.

Those are the basic steps, but you can always improve on this. I like to go above and beyond in my closet and make it feel like a chic boutique I'm shopping in. Things are separated by item type, then color coordinated to find them easier. I've even hung up art and a clock in my closet to make it feel beautiful to be in and to keep track of time. Cause I can loose myself in there! ;)