#34 Updates and Polishing Yourself for Work to Bring in the Right Clients

Oh hi! I know, I know! Shame, shame, I know your name (it's Rose). I took a few unexpected weeks off of podcasting and blogging...but I did some pretty cool stuff while I was away, so you have to forgive me! Forgive me! *wailing*

Okay, so you know how I told you that my first e-course had been seen by a rad video production company and they decided to invest their time and effort into creating a new e-course with me? Well, over the past few weeks we taped the main sections in a beautiful location (guys, the eye candy is insane) and got some of the b-role completed as well. Now I'm working on the other goodies that show you what the e-course will teach you (it's SO meaty). Oh, and did I mention that I wrote on book?

Yup, I was creating the handbook for the course and it just kept getting longer and longer and LONGER. And now it's a stand alone book we are shooting photography for this week. A mega paired down version will become the e-course handbook and this will be the perfect tool to check back in on if you get the e-course or something you can use as a stand alone tool for closet change in your life.

Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist-126.jpg

With the sweet comes a little sour. Because of all of this big work, I'm postponing the Mommy Makeover show just for a little bit until I get these two things launched. If you've already nominated someone or nominated yourself, please know that I will be keeping all those names for when the project continues, so stay tuned!

Oh! You want to stay tuned for the launches, events, and free goodies?! Join my update list here or my free Facebook style support group here!

Reminder: Be yourself and you'll attract the right clients!

This week on the podcast I also talked about the importance of presenting the polished version of YOU in working environments. Obviously, if their is a dress code you are going to need to adhere to it, but for those of you who work for yourselves...girl, you've got to be you to attract the right clients. Preach! You and I both know you've had some unfun clients in the past. The people that are hard, and needy, and don't end up even liking the service you provide because THEY AREN'T YOUR CLIENTS. Your style and essence cast way too wide of a net and now you are attracting the wrong clients AND the right ones...but you only want the right ones. 

How do you do this? Pump JUST enough personality into your wardrobe, learn what makes you super confident, then broadcast it with your style and energy. That broadcast will turn away those who aren't meant to be working with you and DRAW IN those who are. 

An example? A realtor with an edge who injects her personality into her wardrobe (a real life client). She is still polished enough that clients know she has her shit together, but the personality is there. Instead of wearing a matchy matchy grey skirt suit with a white blouse and neutral pumps (yawn), she chooses a black blazer over a red tee with tailored black and white pants, finished with jewelry she loves and slick black booties. Still appropriate for the houses she's showing, still appropriate for the business casual work environment, but shows just enough personality and she attracts the clients she LOVES working with.

How can you start injecting personality into your work wear?

Styling Yourself After Change, Peplums, and Block Heels

Change can come in many forms in our lives, causing us to either want to or need to update our style and the image we present the world. It can come in the form of physical changes (motherhood, weight loss, weight gain, illness, normal aging processes), mindset changes (catching your style up to a new way of thinking or presenting yourself to the world), or location changes (starting a new business, graduating, retiring, career changes, moving to a different climate). Learning how to style yourself through big changes is SUPER personal, but I talked about a few tips in my podcast this week that can help you style yourself through this transition.


1) Trust your gut (and try it on): Okay, this only works if you get out into the world and try things on (you CAN do it!), but most women know what they like. Media and society makes us constantly question our beliefs, values, and thoughts about our style, among other things, but when you try something on in the mirror check in with yourself. You! You know if you like it or not. YOU liking it is the first step in feeling confident in that item. And YOU feeling confident is the key to everything, which I blab about constantly. Trust your gut through these changes, whatever they are. Almost every client I've had has better style instincts than she gives herself credit for. That doesn't mean a stylist isn't helpful or fun. We definitely will point you towards things you would have never tried, but feel amazing in. It just means you should give your own gut more credit.

2) Map out your goals for the future, specifically the next 5-years: I've spoken about this in this podcast and this blog post, but knowing who you'd be in 5-years with absolute success (whatever that looks like for you) is key to styling yourself because that's exactly how you should be dressing NOW. How does that women enter a room, how does she feel about herself, what are the positive adjectives people will use to describe her? Now just play the part, babe! Cause it's you and seeing yourself as her will make you step up to those goals. Promise, this stuff is powerful!

Trending Trendy Trends

This week's trend was peplums, and in-particular drop peplums. The peplum that, instead of riding fitted at the waist, flows out a bit and peplums out closer to the hip. This can look boxy on some, but surprisingly I've had some curvy clients try these on and fall in love. And so do I! It makes sense. Their curves bring these tops to life. More in the podcast! Give it a listen and a review if you love it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.01.58 PM.png

MomStyle Must-Have

This week I spoke about block heels and how they are a great way to dip your toe (heh, get it?) into the heel pool if you've never dared while mumming. I'm not saying that you should head to the park in them, or wear them everyday, but if you want something in a heel that looks super polished and adorable, and can go from work or client meetings to a school event, and STILL is comfy, stable, and easy to chase a kid in I suggest a block heel. Here's a pic of my favs right now from Caslon, which I found at Nordstrom Rack.

Learn more about these tips in my E-Course! And if you have questions you'd like answered in my podcast and blog join our conversation in my Facebook group:

Making Morning Dressing Easier, Cinderella Shoes, and Mom Closet Hack

What's the hardest part of styling yourself? Getting out of bed and put the clothes on. Seriously. If you're waking up and putting something other than PJs on then you are already doing the hardest part! Doesn't that feel great to know?!

Now that you're already putting something other than PJs on to leave the house or feel productive the next step is putting some intention behind what you're putting on. It takes just as long to put on any old thing than it does to put on something you've chosen with intention! So, the only thing you have to put into action is the intention part. That's the only addition of time to your routine. 

My best suggestion, as always, is to pick out what you'd like to wear the following day the night before and I even found a closet hack to help you accomplish this even easier that is addressed in the MomStyle Must-have segment.

Trending Trendy Trends

This weeks trend is "Cinderella Shoes", a term used recently by Harper's Bazaar to describe a flashy statement shoe that will be worn a lot this Spring and Summer. Of course, the flashier the show the more you have to balance it, especially for daytime, or it ends up looking over-worked and too nighttime. So for daytime, let the flashy shoe be the star by keeping everything else simple, well-fitting, and fairly neutral to balance out the shine. You could even down play the outfit a bit, for example, wearing a shiny silver shoe with distressed cuffed jeans.

MomStyle Must-Have

This week I didn't gravitate towards a wearable item, but rather an item that helps you organize your outfits for the following day (remember how I told you to pick out your outfits the night before?). An over the door closet bar, as pictured, is a perfect way to expand your closet a bit more or you can use it like I do, to hang EVERYTHING you're going to wear the following day. Outfit, finishing pieces, coat, jewelry, even under garments! All ready to go so in the morning (when a certain little person is pulling on my PJs say "mama let's go watch cartoons!) I don't have to try to think about what I'm going to wear to drop off, a client meeting, and for the video later that day. It's already done for me by past me. Thank you, past me! Now where's the coffee!

MOB Conference Speaker and Dressing in Defense


This week's podcast was all about my speaking engagement at the MOB NW conference for the first quarter of 2018. It was so fantastic. The setting was a large bed and breakfast on a vineyard (what?!) and the attendees were even more beautiful than the scenery. All 100+ women in attendence were mother's with businesses, there to up level their mindset, strategy, and business while getting support from other mom bosses. Cause who knows better the challenges of raising a business and babies better than another mom boss, right?

My colorful and authentic speak got down to the heart of how I believe we should be dressing: like ourselves, but 5-years from now and very successful. However that version of yourself dresses, ladies, that's how you should be dressing now. Like, now! Go! ;)


I also spoke about dressing in defense in my podcast this week, which is when someone deliberately dresses in a way that deters others from seeing them or getting close to them. Some gals don't realize they are doing this and are more likely to be the sort to try to disappear. If you dress in an extreme (everything from scary goth to ultra femme glam) it better be with intention, an understanding of why you choose to do this, and a full understanding of the ramifications of who you could be turning away from your light.


If you find that you could be dressing in defense the first step is to outline the pros and cons of this action. Why do you think you do it? Are you a disappearing dresser or one who is actively keeping people at a distance? What have you gained from dressing like this? What have you lost out on because of this. Which side of the list out ways the other?

I truly believe we all have something to bring to whatever table we want to sit at, but dressing in defense can keep us in the shadows. Step out, lady!

Photos by the talented Jessie Photo Doula!

The 5-Year Success Rule and Announcements

I speak about this in my e-course (available here), but I think it's such a powerful tool in explaining how style and dressing with intent can change your life that I really wanted to share it with my listeners and readers. It's kind of an idea tailored to women who own businesses, but really any women can take this idea and run with it!

5-Year Success Rule

First, you have to know how important your branding is and how important your own image is to your branding. First impressions, both in-person and online, are almost instantaneous. This means we don’t have the time to explain our background, experience, education, etc. The only tool we can use in that instant is our visual representation. Sure, what you are wearing helps, but confidence is number one. It doesn’t mean looking like every other successful gal out there, you don’t want their customers...you want yours!

Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist-37.jpg

That’s just a long winded way of encouraging you to shine your light! Because your customers are out their looking for it. So, how do you achieve this? You start by thinking about your top three business goals for the next 5-years. Now close your eyes and think about the woman who achieved those goals. What does she look like when she enters a room? How does she hold herself? What does she expect from the people around her?

Now what is she wearing? Because that’s what you should be wearing NOW.

When you see that confident woman in the mirror it propels you forward and assures your clients you aren’t desperate for their business and they’d be lucky to work with someone who has it so together. What is a quick way to look put-together you ask? Well, I have a formula for that in my E-Course. ;)


1) I'll be a speaker at the MOB Conference on Feb 11, 2018. Mom business owners in the Portland/Vancouver area should visit www.themobnation.com for tickets.

2) I'll be a speaker at the Vancouver Women's Show on March 11, 2018. I'll be speaking in the morning and afternoon with a booth open between 10am-6pm. Come visit!

3) I've been named the 2018 Style Maven for Women with Moxie Portland! How freaking fun is that! I'll be choosing the themes of the mixers held every of month and helping with other various style related tasks. 

4) I'll be hosting Vintage Fashion Fridays live on Curiosities Vintage Mall Facebook page every Friday at 2pm PT, showing new fun ways to style vintage goodies. Follow Curiosities for reminders! 

Phew! All caught up! ;)

Undershoppers and Overshoppers Shopping Tips

Almost all my clients fall into one of two categories: overshoppers and undershoppers. That's not to say that everyone falls into these categories, it just seems that folks looking for help with their style end up having a hard time in that department. That pun was on purpose...

The overshoppers end up with closets that are lovely packed with awesome, but not worn items and the undershoppers end up with not enough items to feel like they have something to wear in the areas of their life where they do the most living.

Here are my top 5 tips for tips overshoppers:

  • Clean out your damn closet! You most likely have enough items to mix and match already, you just can't see the forest for the trees.
  • Shop your closet. There's got to be items in there you're not utilizing. Pick out your top ten items you LOVE, but don't wear. Now challenge yourself to incorporate them into your wardrobe!
  • Wait until you have an occasion before you buy something new. No sparkly dresses until you have a sparkly event, no new suits until you have the job (except for one to interview in).
  • The new items must fit ALL of these criteria! fit, color, cut, material, budget, fits your lifestyle, and has a buddy. (Listen to the podcast for more info on these criteria, or better yet get my E-Course and go even more in depth)
  • Buy less, but higher quality. It's better for you wallet long term and better for the planet, love.

Here are my top 5 tips for tips undershoppers:

  • Access your closet. Find the areas of your life that you spend the most time living and make sure you have enough of those items to live in! A handout on accessing your style and closet is in (shocker) my E-Course!
  • Make a shopping list based on your above findings. Put it in your phone if your forgetful. ;)
  • Pick a venue to shop that you are comfortable with in both environment and budget. Going during the week is way less stressful than going during the weekend. True story!
  • Make sure you are fed and watered (and don't have to pee) when you go to the store...for real. We don't need any hunger-fuel meltdowns in the dressing room. They are a giant bummer for all.
  • Make it a special treat! Reframe shopping in your mind. Stop and grab your favorite tea or coffee on the way there, give yourself ample time, and take a fun shopping partner if you're nervous.

Holiday Dressing Tips and Help with Sizing

The number one lesson from this week's two-topic podcast is...drum roll please...you have to try things on before you know whether or not it looks good on you. Shocker, I know! And yet, I struggle to get women into the dressing room to get them to try things on. Trust me, dressing rooms are not fun on purpose. You read that right. Stores would LOVE it if you got so uncomfortable that you just decided to take the items home to try them on. Because guess what! 75% of the time you won't come back to return it even if it doesn't fit well. Truth bomb!

Okay, I may have made up that stat. Ha! But you try finding a scientific study about dressing rooms. 

But seriously, how many of us have brought something home, or bought it online with the best intentions of trying it on and returning it immediately if it didn't work, only to let it sit in a pile in our closets in a bag until the return time expires and we have to give it to our neighbor who is two sizes smaller than us. Ahem...not like that's EVER happened to me. (wink)

Brave the dressing room ladies, because FIT IS THE FIRST KEY TO STYLE. I'll repeat that: Fit is the first key to style.


On that note, a holiday styling tip you haven't head yet: try things on you've never tried before! Lace, sequin, velvet, sparkle are all fab for the holidays and there are hundreds of examples are out there just waiting for you to pin them to your outfit idea boards, but I would bet that most ladies tend to play it safe. Try something new! I can't tell you how many of my clients (yes I can, all of them) say, "I would have never picked that up, but I absolutely love it." They would have walked right past those amazing pieces and I would wager that you are walking past them too!

The second topic of this podcast also had to do with trying things on: sizing! So many clients of mine get stuck on a number. "I'm a 14 and that dress is a 12, there's no way I'm trying it," they'll say. But you JUST. NEVER. KNOW. Because all fashion houses/labels/designers are slightly different. And different cuts are different!

Sure, a slim fitted dress might need to be closer to the size you usually are, but a fit and flare dress (with the smallest part - the size 12 part - at your waist) might fit better because all of our measurements rarely add up to be just one size. Your bust might be a 12, your waist might be a 12, but your hips are a 14. There's no way to know how something is going to look until you try it.


And don't be afraid to shift up and down a few sizes to get the look you're looking for. My measurements put me squarely into a small, but I'm quite long and make adjustments for that. Also, I find items all of the time that I buy in a bigger size to wear them in a more oversized fashion. Tops in my closet range from XS-XL...no joke. So, let go of numbers and letters and just go by what fits best because, I will repeat, FIT IS THE FIRST KEY TO STYLE! 

I'm talking Christmas week off from the podcast, but will be posting on FB and Instagram at some fun events and will post another podcast episode the first week in January 2018! Happy Holidays my lovelies, and everything to you and yours in the new year! MUAH! XO

Faux Leather Pants, Aesthetic Balance, and Style Mindset

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.52.40 PM.png

An odd group of ideas to put together for a podcast, but hey, it's December and let's all just be happy I'm here writing this instead of eating my weight in truffles and gingerbread men. My pal, Live Style Class Participant, and Style Class Support Group participant Rachel asked how she should wear her faux leather pants. 

To begin, FAUX LEATHER PANTS, Y'ALL! Let's talk about them. My point on the podcast was that it's really easy to look like you're playing dress up in any item that screams that it belongs to one genre or aesthetic (for example: cowboy boots, leather pants, fringe flapper dresses, etc). Not saying you can't wear them, but I think the reason people hold off from venturing into wearing these kinds of items is because they don't know how to balance the really strong piece with contrasting items. 

For example, leather pants can be played down with an oversized sweater or simple button up white blouse. Both of these choices are fairly classic and simple (contrasting the sexy from the pants) and balance the look. Another example would be wearing a clean white eyelet dress with a strong cowboy boot or playing down the strong vintage vibes of a 20s flapper style dress with a leather moto jacket. See what I'm saying? You can balance those strong vibes with contrasting items. It's not exactly Style 101, kind of an advanced concept, but now that you've been exposed to it you may start to notice it in magazines or the looks of people in your life you think are stylish/hip/with it.

Lastly, in this episode I speak about how important mindset is to style (not fashion, which is a separate beast which actually takes less thought). Understanding yourself, your life, and what direction you would like it to lead is VERY important to finding a style that is right for you. Once you do though you will start to gain momentum! Promise!

For more tips on style mindset click here. Have a great week!

How to wear jeans with booties & importance of being "put together" over flattering your figure

In this week's podcast I gave styling tips for wearing jeans with ankle booties, a question I get a lot of on the Style Class FB Support Group, and why I think looking put-together is more important than flattering your figure. I often get this question because it can be confusing how to wear each kind of jean with various booties. So here is a clear and simple guideline (notice I didn't say rule here. Try it, if it's not for you disregard): the key is in the fit of the jean. 

If your jeans are bootcut or flair, you'll just be wearing them over the boots or booties. If your jeans are straight cut, boyfriend cut, girlfriend cut, or basically anything not skinny jean (tight to you) that has some space at the bottom, but isn't flaring out like a bootcut jean then you'll be cuffing them over the top of the bootie. If your jeans are skin tight to you (skinny jeans) then you'll most likely be wearing them into the boot, letting the bootie top come up over the top of the jean bottom.

HOT TIP: if you have to stuff the jeans into the bootie, you should probably just be cuffing them over the top.

Make sense?

Here are some examples below of a flair or bootcut jean being worn with booties, even a cropped jumpsuit example:

Here are some examples of how to wear booties with straight or boyfriend cut jeans that have some room at the bottom (featuring the adorable Queen of Cuffing Jamie Bischoff):

Here are some examples of how to wear skinny jeans with booties (they are just going right down into them):

Finally, don't worry if there is skin showing down into, around, or above the bootie. Totally exceptable! 

 For those who tuned into the FB LIVE version of this podcast, here is the Ginger Ginger Bread House King!

For those who tuned into the FB LIVE version of this podcast, here is the Ginger Ginger Bread House King!

And finally, on this week's podcast I spoke about letting go of the traditional thoughts around "flattering your figure" and starting to embrace the idea of just looking "put together". You know the look of someone who has self-respect, confidence, and looks like they put a little effort into their image because they are a take-charge kind of gal. She gets shit done and looks good doing it. Let's work on the ability to let go of so much of the figure flattering ideas just to shave a few pounds of a look and just fill your closet with things you feel amazing in (80% quality basics, 20% accent pieces with accessories that let you sprinkle in your personality). If wearing something figure flattering is important to you because you want to camouflage a big bust or booty, girl, you do you. But from my experience these tweaks can only rearrange so much or take 5-10 lbs off a gal. If that date, or potential client, or potential employer, or potential collaborator can't or won't see past 5-10 lbs then THEY ARE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. And neither are those thoughts that tell you YOU aren't worth the effort because of those extra founds. I'm not saying I'll never help a lady adjust her proportions using volume, texture, color, and interest, I'm just saying there's more to style then looking skinnier.

Interview with Love YOU More Project Selena Maestas

In this episode I interview speaker and mentor Selena Maestas from the Love YOU More project about her work with women and helping them find more room in their lives for themselves. See video of the interview below.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.20.46 AM.png

Find Selena on Facebook and online at: www.facebook.com/loveyoumoreproject/


Read a very engaging article she wrote for Not Your Average Mother at: http://www.wearenyam.com/blog/openletter

Join her conversation in her Facebook group: