#43 More Options More Problems & Earth Day Tips for Your Closet

More Options More Problems

The more casual we go, the more options we have, the HARDER it is to get dressed! Say what?! Let's chat about why that is.

So, back in the day, if you were at work or working for yourself, chances are you were rocking a suit of one sort or another OR you were wearing a uniform. As it’s become more and more okay to wear anything from business-casual to casual gear to work and for your own business needs I believe its getting harder and harder to get dressed. You have so many more options! So many ways you could go! And for female entrepreneurs it is even harder. Dudes have fewer options, even with the more casual standards. But generally, women have more to choose from. Skirts, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, blouses, shirts, tees, camis, blazers, jackets, vests, jeans, slacks, palazzos…it goes on and on.

And we wonder why we get frustrated, irritated, and stressed about getting dressed? More options, more problems.

Add on the added pressure of having your own business (which means no dress code other than the one you choose) and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

So many of my boss lady clients get frustrated to the point of giving up on getting dressed, but we mustn’t let our overwhelm get in the way of feeling our best and one of the biggest marketing opportunities you have.

Inside your closet is a wealth of marketing material waiting to be utilized. Wear it well and your personal brand will be so obvious to those around you out in the world that the people you really want to be working with will recognize you as one of their people and be attracted to you. Ignore the need to dress for outside world adventures and you can literally feel yourself wanting to blend into the walls when someone asks what you do for a living. There goes an opportunity! WHOOSH!

Here are some tips for avoiding the overwhelm that comes with having TOO MANY choices in your closet:

1) Know who you are and where you want to go: Getting clear about this will keep you on the right track while also eliminating the choices that aren’t right for your life automatically. I can help you with figuring out this messaging here.

2) Clean out your closet: Invest your time, energy, and money into whatever or whoever will help you get this task done. It’s so worth it. Whether it’s a Netflix Marie Kondo special, my helpful tool, or a private session with a stylist in your closet, the clarity and ease in the morning you’ll gain is priceless.

Lastly, it’s easy to get pulled into the “old days were so easy and good” trap, but don’t forget, if everyone else is going so casual it’s VERY easy to stand out with some polish.

Earth Day Tips: Reduce Reuse Recycle in Your Closet

Remember when we were told as kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Well, it applies in our closets too. As fast fashion becomes an ever bigger problem and polluter in this world (not to mention the human pain and suffering that goes into these cheap wares) we have A LOT of power in our pockets. Or purses.

Let’s stop giving in to the “I need something new every week I don’t care if it’s cheap I’ll just throw it away” mindset that our society promotes. Here are some tips to decrease your negative impact on the Earth with your closet:

1) REDUCE how often you go buy new by buying higher quality items in the first place.

2) REUSE what someone else tossed aside after one or NO uses at the bevy of resale clothing shops popping up all over the country and internet. Often these items haven’t been worn and they are about 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost of new. Donate or consign your lightly or unused items when you clean out your closet!

3) RECYCLE items that can’t be donated! Almost 100% of clothing and shoes can be recycled! 100%! Google “clothing recycle bin” to find one near you.

Fancy That Gifts -

#37 Fast Fashion Discussion and Interview with Boss Babe/CEO of DesignerShare

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Tips for Wearing All Black, Pattern Mixing, Letting Go of Maternity Wear

People say black is slimming, but guess what, it's only half true! The color black (especially in matte fabrics) does absorb light, which camouflages the user's lumps and bumps, yes. But it also can make you look completely 2D if worn incorrectly. Why is it a bummer to be 2D? Because you end up looking like the overall silhouette (which can sometimes be pretty boxy if you're layering all your black on) and you loose all the highlights and lowlights that show off your shape. And everyone's shape is worth showing!

So how can you layer on the black and not loose yourself in there? Play with texture. Mix it up! A black cardigan over a black velvet top with black faux leather pants. A black blazer over a silkie black blouse with blacks jeans. A black tee shirt with metallic fleck and a black sweater vest with black crepe pants. A black matte dress with a black leather moto jacket. Notice how each piece is a different texture? It helps you not loose your shape, any lengthening effects you're gaining from your finishing pieces, and not loose your leg line in separates (which lengthens us as well). See examples for more ideas!

Trending Trendy Trends

This week let's talk tips for pattern mixing. I go into a lot of detail in the podcast, but here are my top two tips.

1) Mix feminine with masculine: Examples include floral with stripes, dots with plaid, nature print with houndstooth.

2) Mix pattern size: Try to keep the sizes different. For example a large floral with a small stripe. If you get brave and want to mix two kinds of the same pattern be sure to mix up the sizes! Large graphic floral is super fun with a small more realistic floral.

MomStyle Must-Have

This one is quick and simple...if you're done having babies and you're a few years out from your last kiddo it's time to let go of the maternity wear. I know it's comfy, but it's doing you ZERO favors, it's keeping you from having space for grown woman clothes, and I'm sure it could find a home with a pregnant woman out there who needs it.

I realize you might have special feelings about some of this specialized mom gear (I accidentally sold the shirt I went to the hospital in at a garage sale and didn't realize it until it was walking away...and cried a bunch). But if you must keep it for this reason get it out of your work closet and into a keepsake box. That is all! #truthbomb

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3-Ways to Get Ready Faster in the Morning

This week I tackled the 3-ways you can make mornings faster and less stressful. Let's get to it!

1) CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET! You can learn more in this podcast and in this blog post, so I'll just get to the benefits of this life altering exercise that I do routinely once a season. It will decrease the eye clutter in your closet and decrease the amount of clothing you have to sift through in your mind before you land on something the fits, feels good, looks good.


2) LEARN TO SHOP! Shopping might not be your jam and I talk about that in this podcast and this blog post (and even teach you how to shop like a PRO in this e-course), but I urge you to get out and at least try things on before you commit to shapes and colors bought online. I get into so many closets every year and see things with tags on them and ask, "What's this about?!" Why are these items bought if they aren't being worn?! Because when they come in the mail you are far less likely to return them if they don't quite fit or aren't exactly what you thought they'd be - and companies bank on this fact. So demand more from your purchases. I go into far more detail in my e-course, but items should check ALL of these boxes: fit, shape, color, comfort, budget, and buddy (all items need a buddy in your closet).

3) PLAN YOUR OUTFIT THE NIGHT BEFORE! I can't tell you how many rushed mornings I've had trying to plan my outfit around my day with a child pulling on my PJs asking for cartoons and milk. Plan the night before and it will GREATLY decrease stress in the morning, whether or not you have a little turkey waking you up. Trust me. I hang ALL the items I plan on wearing on one small rack on the back of my door (you could use a few hangers or one), including the bra, underwear, outfit, and accessories I plan on wearing. I make a mental note of where the shoes are I'm going to wear with it, or just set them below the outfit. DONE! It takes 5 minutes, ladies. Try it!

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Making Morning Dressing Easier, Cinderella Shoes, and Mom Closet Hack

What's the hardest part of styling yourself? Getting out of bed and put the clothes on. Seriously. If you're waking up and putting something other than PJs on then you are already doing the hardest part! Doesn't that feel great to know?!

Now that you're already putting something other than PJs on to leave the house or feel productive the next step is putting some intention behind what you're putting on. It takes just as long to put on any old thing than it does to put on something you've chosen with intention! So, the only thing you have to put into action is the intention part. That's the only addition of time to your routine. 

My best suggestion, as always, is to pick out what you'd like to wear the following day the night before and I even found a closet hack to help you accomplish this even easier that is addressed in the MomStyle Must-have segment.

Trending Trendy Trends

This weeks trend is "Cinderella Shoes", a term used recently by Harper's Bazaar to describe a flashy statement shoe that will be worn a lot this Spring and Summer. Of course, the flashier the show the more you have to balance it, especially for daytime, or it ends up looking over-worked and too nighttime. So for daytime, let the flashy shoe be the star by keeping everything else simple, well-fitting, and fairly neutral to balance out the shine. You could even down play the outfit a bit, for example, wearing a shiny silver shoe with distressed cuffed jeans.

MomStyle Must-Have

This week I didn't gravitate towards a wearable item, but rather an item that helps you organize your outfits for the following day (remember how I told you to pick out your outfits the night before?). An over the door closet bar, as pictured, is a perfect way to expand your closet a bit more or you can use it like I do, to hang EVERYTHING you're going to wear the following day. Outfit, finishing pieces, coat, jewelry, even under garments! All ready to go so in the morning (when a certain little person is pulling on my PJs say "mama let's go watch cartoons!) I don't have to try to think about what I'm going to wear to drop off, a client meeting, and for the video later that day. It's already done for me by past me. Thank you, past me! Now where's the coffee!