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Style Class Headquarters and Bargain Hunting Tips

In this week's podcast I talked about my Style Class Headquarters reveal and great ways to bargain hunt for fancy items (at not fancy prices). 

Headquarters Reveal

Oh my gosh, guys! I love my office sooooo much. It's so important to eek out some special space for yourself. Whether its a sewing corner, a garage workshop, a bitching kitchen, zen closet, or an office. Just make some space for yourself in your home that is just for your passion. My "headquarters" was once just an office/storage area/extra room and now I've transformed it to the office of my dreams, complete with pretty shoe storage. Gah! Over the moon!





Here are just a few pictures of my pretty little corner of the world.

Bargain Hunting for Designer Goodies

I also spoke about all my best bargain hunting tips for finding designer bags, shoes, etc at discount prices. Does it take more work? Yup. Is it worth it if you like the finer things, but are on a budget. You bet! Most of my tips include finding items in resale shops and online spots, consignment, and thrift. Here are a few of my favorite Portland consignment, thrift, and swap joints as well as some national resources for finding designer goodies at a discount. And of course, a picture of the sweet, like new Kate Spade cross body bag I found for less than $20 on 


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I also mentioned that I made a cute little closet clean out video over the week that I wanted to share with you here. Never work with kids or animals...they always steal the show!

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MOB Conference Speaker and Dressing in Defense


This week's podcast was all about my speaking engagement at the MOB NW conference for the first quarter of 2018. It was so fantastic. The setting was a large bed and breakfast on a vineyard (what?!) and the attendees were even more beautiful than the scenery. All 100+ women in attendence were mother's with businesses, there to up level their mindset, strategy, and business while getting support from other mom bosses. Cause who knows better the challenges of raising a business and babies better than another mom boss, right?

My colorful and authentic speak got down to the heart of how I believe we should be dressing: like ourselves, but 5-years from now and very successful. However that version of yourself dresses, ladies, that's how you should be dressing now. Like, now! Go! ;)


I also spoke about dressing in defense in my podcast this week, which is when someone deliberately dresses in a way that deters others from seeing them or getting close to them. Some gals don't realize they are doing this and are more likely to be the sort to try to disappear. If you dress in an extreme (everything from scary goth to ultra femme glam) it better be with intention, an understanding of why you choose to do this, and a full understanding of the ramifications of who you could be turning away from your light.


If you find that you could be dressing in defense the first step is to outline the pros and cons of this action. Why do you think you do it? Are you a disappearing dresser or one who is actively keeping people at a distance? What have you gained from dressing like this? What have you lost out on because of this. Which side of the list out ways the other?

I truly believe we all have something to bring to whatever table we want to sit at, but dressing in defense can keep us in the shadows. Step out, lady!

Photos by the talented Jessie Photo Doula!

Re-intro and Updates

Why on Earth did I trade in a career in mental health for being a wardrobe stylist? How did I get from A to B? Well! It's not as odd as it sounds. I'm lucky enough at this time in my life to be able to look back and finally see how every failed relationship, crazy move, and degree got me where I eventually was meant to be. 


My journey began in art school, continued in marketing departments, took turn to psychology after the Global Finance Crisis in 2008, and came screaming to a halt after having my son. My continued love of fashion and styling kept me happy in the hard times and injected so much confidence into my self-worth that eventually it hit me...why wasn't I just helping women find confidence through style this whole time?!

Now I'm a Wardrobe Stylist in Portland OR, helping women with Closet Consults, Style Consults, and even Virtual Style Consults for worldwide clients. But it still wasn't enough! I grew up in a working class family and feel it's unfair that often the edge style can give is withheld only for the women that can afford to shop in high-end establishments and hire personal shoppers. We all deserve that leg up. ALL OF US! That's why I started Style Class. To give everyday women the tools to reach their goals affordably through live classes, online video classes, and free resources.

Re-intro complete! Now onto the update:

Those online videos classes are coming out before mid Dec 2017 through teachable! To stay tuned about price point (I'll give you a's less than your internet bill and what you learn will last you the rest of your life) sign up for my newsletter for the update when they are live.

Lastly, what do you consider "put together". My clients, and everyone I speak with about their style talk about looking more "put together", but it means different things to different people. For some it's a feeling, and for some it's head to toe styling. What do you think? Put your answer in the comments below.

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Body Neutral Styling

I feel like the Body Positive movement is such a beautiful step forward, but I also know personally speaking that staying completely positive about my own body at all times would be exhausting. Turning into just one more thing that I can't do correctly in this world. So, I'm doing my best to reach Body Neutrality in a personal capacity and I've definitely reached it in my styling career.