#43 More Options More Problems & Earth Day Tips for Your Closet

More Options More Problems

The more casual we go, the more options we have, the HARDER it is to get dressed! Say what?! Let's chat about why that is.

So, back in the day, if you were at work or working for yourself, chances are you were rocking a suit of one sort or another OR you were wearing a uniform. As it’s become more and more okay to wear anything from business-casual to casual gear to work and for your own business needs I believe its getting harder and harder to get dressed. You have so many more options! So many ways you could go! And for female entrepreneurs it is even harder. Dudes have fewer options, even with the more casual standards. But generally, women have more to choose from. Skirts, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, blouses, shirts, tees, camis, blazers, jackets, vests, jeans, slacks, palazzos…it goes on and on.

And we wonder why we get frustrated, irritated, and stressed about getting dressed? More options, more problems.

Add on the added pressure of having your own business (which means no dress code other than the one you choose) and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

So many of my boss lady clients get frustrated to the point of giving up on getting dressed, but we mustn’t let our overwhelm get in the way of feeling our best and one of the biggest marketing opportunities you have.

Inside your closet is a wealth of marketing material waiting to be utilized. Wear it well and your personal brand will be so obvious to those around you out in the world that the people you really want to be working with will recognize you as one of their people and be attracted to you. Ignore the need to dress for outside world adventures and you can literally feel yourself wanting to blend into the walls when someone asks what you do for a living. There goes an opportunity! WHOOSH!

Here are some tips for avoiding the overwhelm that comes with having TOO MANY choices in your closet:

1) Know who you are and where you want to go: Getting clear about this will keep you on the right track while also eliminating the choices that aren’t right for your life automatically. I can help you with figuring out this messaging here.

2) Clean out your closet: Invest your time, energy, and money into whatever or whoever will help you get this task done. It’s so worth it. Whether it’s a Netflix Marie Kondo special, my helpful tool, or a private session with a stylist in your closet, the clarity and ease in the morning you’ll gain is priceless.

Lastly, it’s easy to get pulled into the “old days were so easy and good” trap, but don’t forget, if everyone else is going so casual it’s VERY easy to stand out with some polish.

Earth Day Tips: Reduce Reuse Recycle in Your Closet

Remember when we were told as kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Well, it applies in our closets too. As fast fashion becomes an ever bigger problem and polluter in this world (not to mention the human pain and suffering that goes into these cheap wares) we have A LOT of power in our pockets. Or purses.

Let’s stop giving in to the “I need something new every week I don’t care if it’s cheap I’ll just throw it away” mindset that our society promotes. Here are some tips to decrease your negative impact on the Earth with your closet:

1) REDUCE how often you go buy new by buying higher quality items in the first place.

2) REUSE what someone else tossed aside after one or NO uses at the bevy of resale clothing shops popping up all over the country and internet. Often these items haven’t been worn and they are about 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost of new. Donate or consign your lightly or unused items when you clean out your closet!

3) RECYCLE items that can’t be donated! Almost 100% of clothing and shoes can be recycled! 100%! Google “clothing recycle bin” to find one near you.

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