faux leather pants

Faux Leather Pants, Aesthetic Balance, and Style Mindset

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An odd group of ideas to put together for a podcast, but hey, it's December and let's all just be happy I'm here writing this instead of eating my weight in truffles and gingerbread men. My pal, Live Style Class Participant, and Style Class Support Group participant Rachel asked how she should wear her faux leather pants. 

To begin, FAUX LEATHER PANTS, Y'ALL! Let's talk about them. My point on the podcast was that it's really easy to look like you're playing dress up in any item that screams that it belongs to one genre or aesthetic (for example: cowboy boots, leather pants, fringe flapper dresses, etc). Not saying you can't wear them, but I think the reason people hold off from venturing into wearing these kinds of items is because they don't know how to balance the really strong piece with contrasting items. 

For example, leather pants can be played down with an oversized sweater or simple button up white blouse. Both of these choices are fairly classic and simple (contrasting the sexy from the pants) and balance the look. Another example would be wearing a clean white eyelet dress with a strong cowboy boot or playing down the strong vintage vibes of a 20s flapper style dress with a leather moto jacket. See what I'm saying? You can balance those strong vibes with contrasting items. It's not exactly Style 101, kind of an advanced concept, but now that you've been exposed to it you may start to notice it in magazines or the looks of people in your life you think are stylish/hip/with it.

Lastly, in this episode I speak about how important mindset is to style (not fashion, which is a separate beast which actually takes less thought). Understanding yourself, your life, and what direction you would like it to lead is VERY important to finding a style that is right for you. Once you do though you will start to gain momentum! Promise!

For more tips on style mindset click here. Have a great week!