How to wear jeans with booties & importance of being "put together" over flattering your figure

In this week's podcast I gave styling tips for wearing jeans with ankle booties, a question I get a lot of on the Style Class FB Support Group, and why I think looking put-together is more important than flattering your figure. I often get this question because it can be confusing how to wear each kind of jean with various booties. So here is a clear and simple guideline (notice I didn't say rule here. Try it, if it's not for you disregard): the key is in the fit of the jean. 

If your jeans are bootcut or flair, you'll just be wearing them over the boots or booties. If your jeans are straight cut, boyfriend cut, girlfriend cut, or basically anything not skinny jean (tight to you) that has some space at the bottom, but isn't flaring out like a bootcut jean then you'll be cuffing them over the top of the bootie. If your jeans are skin tight to you (skinny jeans) then you'll most likely be wearing them into the boot, letting the bootie top come up over the top of the jean bottom.

HOT TIP: if you have to stuff the jeans into the bootie, you should probably just be cuffing them over the top.

Make sense?

Here are some examples below of a flair or bootcut jean being worn with booties, even a cropped jumpsuit example:

Here are some examples of how to wear booties with straight or boyfriend cut jeans that have some room at the bottom (featuring the adorable Queen of Cuffing Jamie Bischoff):

Here are some examples of how to wear skinny jeans with booties (they are just going right down into them):

Finally, don't worry if there is skin showing down into, around, or above the bootie. Totally exceptable! 

For those who tuned into the FB LIVE version of this podcast, here is the Ginger Ginger Bread House King!

For those who tuned into the FB LIVE version of this podcast, here is the Ginger Ginger Bread House King!

And finally, on this week's podcast I spoke about letting go of the traditional thoughts around "flattering your figure" and starting to embrace the idea of just looking "put together". You know the look of someone who has self-respect, confidence, and looks like they put a little effort into their image because they are a take-charge kind of gal. She gets shit done and looks good doing it. Let's work on the ability to let go of so much of the figure flattering ideas just to shave a few pounds of a look and just fill your closet with things you feel amazing in (80% quality basics, 20% accent pieces with accessories that let you sprinkle in your personality). If wearing something figure flattering is important to you because you want to camouflage a big bust or booty, girl, you do you. But from my experience these tweaks can only rearrange so much or take 5-10 lbs off a gal. If that date, or potential client, or potential employer, or potential collaborator can't or won't see past 5-10 lbs then THEY ARE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. And neither are those thoughts that tell you YOU aren't worth the effort because of those extra founds. I'm not saying I'll never help a lady adjust her proportions using volume, texture, color, and interest, I'm just saying there's more to style then looking skinnier.