shop your closet

Undershoppers and Overshoppers Shopping Tips

Almost all my clients fall into one of two categories: overshoppers and undershoppers. That's not to say that everyone falls into these categories, it just seems that folks looking for help with their style end up having a hard time in that department. That pun was on purpose...

The overshoppers end up with closets that are lovely packed with awesome, but not worn items and the undershoppers end up with not enough items to feel like they have something to wear in the areas of their life where they do the most living.

Here are my top 5 tips for tips overshoppers:

  • Clean out your damn closet! You most likely have enough items to mix and match already, you just can't see the forest for the trees.
  • Shop your closet. There's got to be items in there you're not utilizing. Pick out your top ten items you LOVE, but don't wear. Now challenge yourself to incorporate them into your wardrobe!
  • Wait until you have an occasion before you buy something new. No sparkly dresses until you have a sparkly event, no new suits until you have the job (except for one to interview in).
  • The new items must fit ALL of these criteria! fit, color, cut, material, budget, fits your lifestyle, and has a buddy. (Listen to the podcast for more info on these criteria, or better yet get my E-Course and go even more in depth)
  • Buy less, but higher quality. It's better for you wallet long term and better for the planet, love.

Here are my top 5 tips for tips undershoppers:

  • Access your closet. Find the areas of your life that you spend the most time living and make sure you have enough of those items to live in! A handout on accessing your style and closet is in (shocker) my E-Course!
  • Make a shopping list based on your above findings. Put it in your phone if your forgetful. ;)
  • Pick a venue to shop that you are comfortable with in both environment and budget. Going during the week is way less stressful than going during the weekend. True story!
  • Make sure you are fed and watered (and don't have to pee) when you go to the store...for real. We don't need any hunger-fuel meltdowns in the dressing room. They are a giant bummer for all.
  • Make it a special treat! Reframe shopping in your mind. Stop and grab your favorite tea or coffee on the way there, give yourself ample time, and take a fun shopping partner if you're nervous.