Holiday Dressing Tips and Help with Sizing

The number one lesson from this week's two-topic podcast is...drum roll have to try things on before you know whether or not it looks good on you. Shocker, I know! And yet, I struggle to get women into the dressing room to get them to try things on. Trust me, dressing rooms are not fun on purpose. You read that right. Stores would LOVE it if you got so uncomfortable that you just decided to take the items home to try them on. Because guess what! 75% of the time you won't come back to return it even if it doesn't fit well. Truth bomb!

Okay, I may have made up that stat. Ha! But you try finding a scientific study about dressing rooms. 

But seriously, how many of us have brought something home, or bought it online with the best intentions of trying it on and returning it immediately if it didn't work, only to let it sit in a pile in our closets in a bag until the return time expires and we have to give it to our neighbor who is two sizes smaller than us. Ahem...not like that's EVER happened to me. (wink)

Brave the dressing room ladies, because FIT IS THE FIRST KEY TO STYLE. I'll repeat that: Fit is the first key to style.


On that note, a holiday styling tip you haven't head yet: try things on you've never tried before! Lace, sequin, velvet, sparkle are all fab for the holidays and there are hundreds of examples are out there just waiting for you to pin them to your outfit idea boards, but I would bet that most ladies tend to play it safe. Try something new! I can't tell you how many of my clients (yes I can, all of them) say, "I would have never picked that up, but I absolutely love it." They would have walked right past those amazing pieces and I would wager that you are walking past them too!

The second topic of this podcast also had to do with trying things on: sizing! So many clients of mine get stuck on a number. "I'm a 14 and that dress is a 12, there's no way I'm trying it," they'll say. But you JUST. NEVER. KNOW. Because all fashion houses/labels/designers are slightly different. And different cuts are different!

Sure, a slim fitted dress might need to be closer to the size you usually are, but a fit and flare dress (with the smallest part - the size 12 part - at your waist) might fit better because all of our measurements rarely add up to be just one size. Your bust might be a 12, your waist might be a 12, but your hips are a 14. There's no way to know how something is going to look until you try it.


And don't be afraid to shift up and down a few sizes to get the look you're looking for. My measurements put me squarely into a small, but I'm quite long and make adjustments for that. Also, I find items all of the time that I buy in a bigger size to wear them in a more oversized fashion. Tops in my closet range from joke. So, let go of numbers and letters and just go by what fits best because, I will repeat, FIT IS THE FIRST KEY TO STYLE! 

I'm talking Christmas week off from the podcast, but will be posting on FB and Instagram at some fun events and will post another podcast episode the first week in January 2018! Happy Holidays my lovelies, and everything to you and yours in the new year! MUAH! XO