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Guys! Such a fun update to the podcast. I’ve decided to make a change to the format on every other episode. I’m still going to have my updates and thought and experts I want to share during the some podcasts, but every other podcast will now be a REAL LIFE mini image consult with a business owning woman. I might know them, I might not, but the point is it will be fun, enlightening, and hopefully packed with great tips for you since what they are struggling with and what YOU are struggling with might relate. Who is this for? Specifically, women that own businesses.

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Second! I apologize about the sound quality of this episode! There were technical recording difficulties and I had to pull the audio from a video.

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#43 More Options More Problems & Earth Day Tips for Your Closet

More Options More Problems

The more casual we go, the more options we have, the HARDER it is to get dressed! Say what?! Let's chat about why that is.

So, back in the day, if you were at work or working for yourself, chances are you were rocking a suit of one sort or another OR you were wearing a uniform. As it’s become more and more okay to wear anything from business-casual to casual gear to work and for your own business needs I believe its getting harder and harder to get dressed. You have so many more options! So many ways you could go! And for female entrepreneurs it is even harder. Dudes have fewer options, even with the more casual standards. But generally, women have more to choose from. Skirts, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, blouses, shirts, tees, camis, blazers, jackets, vests, jeans, slacks, palazzos…it goes on and on.

And we wonder why we get frustrated, irritated, and stressed about getting dressed? More options, more problems.

Add on the added pressure of having your own business (which means no dress code other than the one you choose) and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

So many of my boss lady clients get frustrated to the point of giving up on getting dressed, but we mustn’t let our overwhelm get in the way of feeling our best and one of the biggest marketing opportunities you have.

Inside your closet is a wealth of marketing material waiting to be utilized. Wear it well and your personal brand will be so obvious to those around you out in the world that the people you really want to be working with will recognize you as one of their people and be attracted to you. Ignore the need to dress for outside world adventures and you can literally feel yourself wanting to blend into the walls when someone asks what you do for a living. There goes an opportunity! WHOOSH!

Here are some tips for avoiding the overwhelm that comes with having TOO MANY choices in your closet:

1) Know who you are and where you want to go: Getting clear about this will keep you on the right track while also eliminating the choices that aren’t right for your life automatically. I can help you with figuring out this messaging here.

2) Clean out your closet: Invest your time, energy, and money into whatever or whoever will help you get this task done. It’s so worth it. Whether it’s a Netflix Marie Kondo special, my helpful tool, or a private session with a stylist in your closet, the clarity and ease in the morning you’ll gain is priceless.

Lastly, it’s easy to get pulled into the “old days were so easy and good” trap, but don’t forget, if everyone else is going so casual it’s VERY easy to stand out with some polish.

Earth Day Tips: Reduce Reuse Recycle in Your Closet

Remember when we were told as kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Well, it applies in our closets too. As fast fashion becomes an ever bigger problem and polluter in this world (not to mention the human pain and suffering that goes into these cheap wares) we have A LOT of power in our pockets. Or purses.

Let’s stop giving in to the “I need something new every week I don’t care if it’s cheap I’ll just throw it away” mindset that our society promotes. Here are some tips to decrease your negative impact on the Earth with your closet:

1) REDUCE how often you go buy new by buying higher quality items in the first place.

2) REUSE what someone else tossed aside after one or NO uses at the bevy of resale clothing shops popping up all over the country and internet. Often these items haven’t been worn and they are about 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost of new. Donate or consign your lightly or unused items when you clean out your closet!

3) RECYCLE items that can’t be donated! Almost 100% of clothing and shoes can be recycled! 100%! Google “clothing recycle bin” to find one near you.

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#37 Fast Fashion Discussion and Interview with Boss Babe/CEO of DesignerShare

Concerned about the environmental harm fast fashion is doing to our earth, along with the economical and physical harm is does to workers around the world, but also LOVE new clothes? START RENTING THEM! You can now rent high-end designer threads, accessories, handbags, and shoes at a fraction of the price with DesignShare™. You can even put your own pieces up for rent to earn some cash!

In this episode I interview the Boss Babe/CEO/Co-Founder of DesignerShare. Join us and use code RELAUNCH at their website for 50% off your first item rental at

#35 Money Matters When Thinking About Style

Hello, Style Classmates! This week let's chat about your deep thoughts on money and how it can hold you back from dressing as the most successful version of yourself 5-years from now (my 5-Year Rule). 

I recently read You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincere. It's a game changer, guys. I don't care what you think your relationship with money is like, it can always improve, and mine certainly has. It got me thinking, I wonder how much money mindset is holding people back from styling themselves?

Money is one of the associations one can have when they think about being stylish. Having money, spending money, looking like you have money. And if you have any hesitation about what money can do for you, then you may subconsciously start sabotaging your own closet.

"What if people think I think I'm better than them?"

"What if people think I'm stuck up?"

"What if people assume I'm a bad person?'


All these questions lead back to your own values and beliefs. You might as well be saying, "I think people with money are stuck up and bad." But as Jen Sincero writes, if you like what money can do for you and for the world when applied correctly, then talking shit about people that have it will hold yourself back from getting it. Money isn't going to come to a party where she is being shit talked, y'all! 

So, get the book. Read it. Take a hard look at your mindset on money. Now take a hard look at how you've held your style back to fit those money beliefs.

 More fun updates about free resources coming out soon and my thoughts on thinking about your future, what you will look like, and your perception of money or looking like you have money - inspired by the book You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. See more on the corresponding blog post at

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MOB Conference Speaker and Dressing in Defense


This week's podcast was all about my speaking engagement at the MOB NW conference for the first quarter of 2018. It was so fantastic. The setting was a large bed and breakfast on a vineyard (what?!) and the attendees were even more beautiful than the scenery. All 100+ women in attendence were mother's with businesses, there to up level their mindset, strategy, and business while getting support from other mom bosses. Cause who knows better the challenges of raising a business and babies better than another mom boss, right?

My colorful and authentic speak got down to the heart of how I believe we should be dressing: like ourselves, but 5-years from now and very successful. However that version of yourself dresses, ladies, that's how you should be dressing now. Like, now! Go! ;)


I also spoke about dressing in defense in my podcast this week, which is when someone deliberately dresses in a way that deters others from seeing them or getting close to them. Some gals don't realize they are doing this and are more likely to be the sort to try to disappear. If you dress in an extreme (everything from scary goth to ultra femme glam) it better be with intention, an understanding of why you choose to do this, and a full understanding of the ramifications of who you could be turning away from your light.


If you find that you could be dressing in defense the first step is to outline the pros and cons of this action. Why do you think you do it? Are you a disappearing dresser or one who is actively keeping people at a distance? What have you gained from dressing like this? What have you lost out on because of this. Which side of the list out ways the other?

I truly believe we all have something to bring to whatever table we want to sit at, but dressing in defense can keep us in the shadows. Step out, lady!

Photos by the talented Jessie Photo Doula!