The 5-Year Success Rule and Announcements

I speak about this in my e-course (available here), but I think it's such a powerful tool in explaining how style and dressing with intent can change your life that I really wanted to share it with my listeners and readers. It's kind of an idea tailored to women who own businesses, but really any women can take this idea and run with it!

5-Year Success Rule

First, you have to know how important your branding is and how important your own image is to your branding. First impressions, both in-person and online, are almost instantaneous. This means we don’t have the time to explain our background, experience, education, etc. The only tool we can use in that instant is our visual representation. Sure, what you are wearing helps, but confidence is number one. It doesn’t mean looking like every other successful gal out there, you don’t want their customers...you want yours!

Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist-37.jpg

That’s just a long winded way of encouraging you to shine your light! Because your customers are out their looking for it. So, how do you achieve this? You start by thinking about your top three business goals for the next 5-years. Now close your eyes and think about the woman who achieved those goals. What does she look like when she enters a room? How does she hold herself? What does she expect from the people around her?

Now what is she wearing? Because that’s what you should be wearing NOW.

When you see that confident woman in the mirror it propels you forward and assures your clients you aren’t desperate for their business and they’d be lucky to work with someone who has it so together. What is a quick way to look put-together you ask? Well, I have a formula for that in my E-Course. ;)


1) I'll be a speaker at the MOB Conference on Feb 11, 2018. Mom business owners in the Portland/Vancouver area should visit www.themobnation.com for tickets.

2) I'll be a speaker at the Vancouver Women's Show on March 11, 2018. I'll be speaking in the morning and afternoon with a booth open between 10am-6pm. Come visit!

3) I've been named the 2018 Style Maven for Women with Moxie Portland! How freaking fun is that! I'll be choosing the themes of the mixers held every of month and helping with other various style related tasks. 

4) I'll be hosting Vintage Fashion Fridays live on Curiosities Vintage Mall Facebook page every Friday at 2pm PT, showing new fun ways to style vintage goodies. Follow Curiosities for reminders! 

Phew! All caught up! ;)

Style Class E-Course Launch and Getting Out of PJs

Super excited to finally announce that my Style Class E-Course for Beginners and Refreshers is up and ready to rock your world. Not only does it help with style, it help with motivation, confidence, and developing a positive mindset around your body and future. Plus, it's so pretty!

This Style Class E-Course is perfect for women just starting out on their style journey and those needing a refresh after major life changes (motherhood, retirement, career changes, graduation, illness, etc). It teaches women how to style themselves at home and start using the advantages style can give them to further their goals.

This course is delivered in four sections: 
- Mindset: getting your mindset ready for a stylish new life.
- Closet: making room in your closet for more stylish choices.
- Shopping: learning how to shop like a pro.
- Styling: developing style and learning how to dress your life and body, just as it is.

It all started when, as a personal wardrobe stylist, I noticed that when I charged what I was worth only women of means could afford me. What about the hard working women out there that haven't reached their goals yet, but could desperately use style to achieve them? That's why I'm here, ladies.

This stylist and former therapist wants to teach you how to style yourself and your life because it builds confidence and helps everyday women accomplish their dreams.

Benefits of this course when committed to:
• Cleaner closet
• Faster dressing in the morning
• Going easier on yourself
• Self-acceptance
• Compliments
• Confidence boosts

Also available bundled with consults with the course creator!

I also talked about getting out of our PJs as work at home boss babes in the morning. So what's your opinion? Comment below if you work at home and tell me why you get dressed even if no one else is watching.

This was a questioned posted on my Facebook Style Class Support Group. If you're a lady that would like some free help, join us!

Re-intro and Updates

Why on Earth did I trade in a career in mental health for being a wardrobe stylist? How did I get from A to B? Well! It's not as odd as it sounds. I'm lucky enough at this time in my life to be able to look back and finally see how every failed relationship, crazy move, and degree got me where I eventually was meant to be. 


My journey began in art school, continued in marketing departments, took turn to psychology after the Global Finance Crisis in 2008, and came screaming to a halt after having my son. My continued love of fashion and styling kept me happy in the hard times and injected so much confidence into my self-worth that eventually it hit me...why wasn't I just helping women find confidence through style this whole time?!

Now I'm a Wardrobe Stylist in Portland OR, helping women with Closet Consults, Style Consults, and even Virtual Style Consults for worldwide clients. But it still wasn't enough! I grew up in a working class family and feel it's unfair that often the edge style can give is withheld only for the women that can afford to shop in high-end establishments and hire personal shoppers. We all deserve that leg up. ALL OF US! That's why I started Style Class. To give everyday women the tools to reach their goals affordably through live classes, online video classes, and free resources.

Re-intro complete! Now onto the update:

Those online videos classes are coming out before mid Dec 2017 through teachable! To stay tuned about price point (I'll give you a guess...it's less than your internet bill and what you learn will last you the rest of your life) sign up for my newsletter for the update when they are live.

Lastly, what do you consider "put together". My clients, and everyone I speak with about their style talk about looking more "put together", but it means different things to different people. For some it's a feeling, and for some it's head to toe styling. What do you think? Put your answer in the comments below.

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For info on how to book your own Virtual Style Consult:

Body Neutral Styling

I feel like the Body Positive movement is such a beautiful step forward, but I also know personally speaking that staying completely positive about my own body at all times would be exhausting. Turning into just one more thing that I can't do correctly in this world. So, I'm doing my best to reach Body Neutrality in a personal capacity and I've definitely reached it in my styling career.