What is Closet Goals?

A style education course that not only teaches you all the basics, but gets you thinking about your GOALS and how your CLOSET can get you there…get it? Closet Goals!

It’s 2-hours of self-paced videos, with handouts, and even a hard copy of Rose’s accompanying Closet Goals book.

(you should see the charts in the back of that bad boy!)

Who is it for?

Women with ambition who need help in the style and confidence department. It’s all about YOU feeling your best, because confidence sell, boss!

It’s the perfect quick (but deep) course for those who loved their look and confidence once, but need help reclaiming that sh*t!

Maybe it was babies, retirement, a new business, or a weight change, but somewhere your style and confidence got lost in all the life stuff. You’re about to get it back, lady!

You can expect:

  • less stress in the morning




  • more confidence entering a room

  • more openness to new opportunities

  • less negative self-talk

And most importantly,
loving the boss in the mirror! 


What past clients say:

What is the course like?

You get all the simple steps to make dressing for the life you want possible.

Simple doesn’t mean it will be easy though! I ask you to think a lot about your big goals, to think about what other’s will need to see to support your goal, to challenge your inner critic, and to actually participate.

Get ready to clean your closet, ask your questions, and get some answers!
(and also get a secret BONUS I’ll share in the next section)

Course Modules:

Module 1) get your goals/closet clear

Module 2) hack your closet

Module 3) shop like a pro

Module 4) styling yourself

bonus: hacks for getting ready quick

(Modules include about 19 videos in total.)

Want to see what it’s like?
(previews below)

Next steps?

Step 1) Purchase the course

Step 2) Get your course password

Step 3) get your free book

Step 4) get your FREE year of membership

Wait, WHAT!?
Free membership?

(read below)

Owner’s Society Membership

you get 1-year FREE (a $348 value!)

That’s right! when you enroll in the Closet Goals course you also get 1-year of the Owner’s Society membership for FREE!

Why would I give this away?

Because I REALLY want to support you after your done learning the info from this course. What if you have outfit questions? What if you are having a mindset block in getting rid of things that don’t fit?

The Owner’s Society membership is like having a stylist in your pocket for support with style, but it’s also a fabulous way to get your personal branding in line with your goals for women entrepreneurs and career gals.

Dozens of trainings on personal branding topics in style, marketing, social media, and visibility mindset are out there waiting for you on the private site.


The membership might just come with a free mini consult and membership walk through with your’s truly! More value!

With the course,
the book,
the membership,
and the mini consult
you get over $875 of value!

…for only $379.

Not sure yet?

I’ve got one last secret for you…


I can’t wait to help you on the other side!

Growth isn’t always comfortable, but your clothes can be!

Get the help you deserve to dress for the life you want.