Cool Undertones

You have a cool undertone to your skin, which means you can wear most cool colors. As I talk about in my video e-course, you might find yourself looking "washed out" in warmer colors. For example, your new stylist (me!) looks dead in most warm/bright oranges. The colors shown in the Cool Color Pop Examples Chart are all for you, as well as the neutrals shown across the bottom.

All Cool colors are a go for trying on! yes!

And trying them on is the only way to truly know what works for you up by your face. Need tips on shopping and the best ways to add in pops of color to your wardrobe? Check out the Closet Goals video e-course, where I teach you how to look put-together, love your closet, and feel more confident by styling yourself for the life you want. All with beautiful videos, insightful worksheets, clever charts, and personal help in an online group.

If you find the charts confusing (what's a neutral?) than the e-course is definitely for you! I explain it all!

Of course, getting a pro consult from a stylist, color specialist, or makeup artist is the best way to know your exact undertones, and therefore the best colors to wear for you. In general, cool undertones look great in cool colors, warm undertones look great in warm colors, and neutral undertones look great in most colors (but have a few exceptions).

I want to learn more about Closet Goals video course!