This Style Class E-Course is perfect for women just starting out on their style journey and those needing a refresh after major life changes (motherhood, retirement, career changes, graduation, illness, etc). It teaches women how to style themselves at home and start using the advantages style can give them to further their goals.

This course is delivered in four sections: 
- Mindset: getting your mindset ready for a stylish new life.
- Closet: making room in your closet for more stylish choices.
- Shopping: learning how to shop like a pro.
- Styling: developing style, learning how to dress your life & body, just as it is.

It all started when, as a personal wardrobe stylist, I noticed that when I charged what I was worth only women of means could afford me. What about the hard working women out there that haven't reached their goals yet, but could desperately use style to achieve them? That's why I'm here, ladies.

This stylist and former therapist wants to teach you how to style yourself and your life because it builds confidence and helps everyday women accomplish their dreams.

Benefits of this course when committed to:
• Cleaner closet
• Faster dressing in the morning
• Going easier on yourself
• Self-acceptance
• Compliments
• Confidence boosts

Also available bundled with consults with the course creator!