All the lovely things coming up!


video course & BOOK Launch - JULY 8th (launched)

On July 8th the new Closet Goals e-course launches! If you're in the Portland, OR area join me for the live launch party and shopping event at Mapel Boutique in Bridgeport Village (so I can feed you champs and cookies, high-five you a bunch, and give out hugs like they are candy).

If you're not in the area follow the launch event on Facebook as my team and preview the e-course and book live!


Owner’s society Style Class™ Membership - OCTOBER 2018(launched)

Hold on to your hats! If you enjoyed the free support group, wait until you catch what's going to be happening in the paid ($11/month) membership space! Video trainings galore, discounts on products and e-courses, direct access to your stylist (me!), special content, and more!