Closet Goals: A makeover show changing things.

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launching on Amazon Prime Video November 1st!

Style-guru, author, and speaker Rose Jubb hosts a funny and heart-warming makeover docuseries bringing together the declutter satisfaction of Marie Condo with the spirit-lifting power of Queer Eye. All with a sustainable, accessible angle fit for any woman and any budget.

The Show

in Rose’s words:

“Many of the women I’ve helped as a stylist, and myself included, grew up learning about style and fashion as a way to please others, to fit in, to look skinnier, and to make our bodies look more like some societal ideal.

It was all about getting compliments, but I’d like to make it about internally growing confidence by seeing the woman you can be in the mirror. And that doesn’t come from being someone you’re not or denying your own shape. 

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I’d like to change the narrative of style to one that is a form of self-expression, and confidence building, because it actually does look like you using your body as it is today, not someday.

Closet Goals is a makeover show that helps women align their closets and confidence to get to their big goals. Because when you look in the mirror and see something positive, you feel something positive, you think positive thoughts about that woman in the mirror, and she then takes massive positive action towards fulfilling her potential. 

When you have a big job interview or a big goal in the real world, no one is showing up with a gift certificate for you. I want to make style accessible for any woman anywhere to tap not what she likes, what she needs to she in the mirror to move move forward. 

And with fast fashion being one of the biggest contributors to industrial pollution, I’d like to show women everywhere that no matter what kind of stores they have available to them they can utilize resale, consignment, and even sustainable retailers to get the look that will propel them into their best lives.”

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