It’s a common dilemma.

For sales professionals, especially experienced ones, to want to look their best, but not know how. They see some of their peers getting it right… but they just don’t know how to present themselves in a professional, updated way without pretending to be something they’re not. They’re missing out on important relationships and sales because they’re not out there with the confidence that looking your best brings. And some of them may have even been told a time or two that their look could use some help.


But this less-than professional image doesn’t have to continue. Those who are feeling stuck can get out, step out, and start attracting the clients and relationships they really want with some new style skills that will empower them to put their best foot forward every day… while still feeling like themselves.

Rose Jubb is the Image Consultant and Stylist dedicated to helping sales professionals in client-facing positions create an image that works for them AND their clients. The result is improved confidence, improved sales, and a powerful professional image that closes!


Stand Out Style for Sales Success


Delivered as a Keynote, Seminar, Small Group Training, or 1-on-1 Consulting

This program is designed to empower your sales professionals with confidence that closes.  They’ll discover:

  • How to mix the expectations of their industry with their own personality to create a combined image that produces a killer first impression.  

  • How to examine their career path and where they truly want to be in the coming years so they can make their big goals and dreams a reality by looking the part right now.

  • How to embody who they want to be as a professional – responsible and knowledgeable – while still holding onto elements of themselves.

  • How to bring it all together to exude confidence at all phases of the relationship – from lead to sale – and even outside the office.  This program is just as much for the individual as it is for the customer and improved sales results.


Closet Goals: Sales-Boosting Style Education

Delivered as a Keynote, Seminar, Small Group Training, or 1-on-1 Consulting

What if your sales staff is starting at the very beginning of looking put-together, reaching their goals, and understanding their market? The Closet Goals style education program teaches your staff or event attendees the basics of creating a style and closet that can get them to their goals.

What’s covered in the Closet Goals program?

  • Understanding Fit

  • Creating Balance & Interest

  • Clothing Manipulation to Avoid Looking Sloppy

  • The 5-Year Rule

  • Style Evolution

  • The Polished Formula

  • Getting Clear on Where They Are Going (goals)

  • How to Clean Their Literal and Figurative Closets

  • The 80-20 Rule

  • Choosing Colors

  • The Buying Checklist

  • Developing Your Style

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To Look And Feel Like The Closers They Want To Be!

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Style. Psych. Marketing. Rose attacks all the issues her clients come to her with from multiple angles. She’s an image consultant and wardrobe stylist by trade (she knows ALL the tricks) with education in design, psychology, and counseling. Along with 17-years marketing and sales industry experience, she holds her Masters in Social Science. A specific mix, sent to solve specific problems.


What does this mean? She gets in your IDEAL customer’s brain! She knows what customers are assuming within seconds of meeting your sales pros. Then, she turns around and teaches your team how to reel them in.

Her unique background of marketing and psychology allows her to throughly teach these concepts to sales professionals, but it never gets dry or boring. Rose prides herself in delivering all presentations in a non-mean-girl, warm, funny manner with the ultimate goal of solving your problems. It should be impactful and memorable for the attendees, but it can also be so fun!


Book Rose To Empower Your Sales Professionals
To Look And Feel Like The Closers They Want To Be!

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Keynotes. Seminars. Trainings. Consulting.

You’ve noticed a problem. You know your team could improve. Now what? Let Rose develop something fantastic for your event, employee training, or just for you. Most people think speaker…keynote! But Rose can help with so much more.

You notice a lackof professional appearance and_or notice an unaccounted for dip in sales.png
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Keynotes, seminars, trainings, and 1-on-1 consulting are all at your fingertips when you hire Rose. She’s already getting the flight there, brainstorm now about how you can best use Rose’s talents to teach your sales pros how to leverage their image towards better sales results.

Rose’s specialty is niche, but the way she delivers results is varied.

Book Rose To Empower Your Sales Professionals
To Look And Feel Like The Closers They Want To Be!

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“She understands the importance of having a wardrobe that makes sense for your lifestyle, while also highlighting your self worth (which happens to be a lot, by the way!). A few minutes spent with her is like a refreshing therapy session with Coco Chanel and Oprah combined.”

“Rose helps you get to the bottom of what you're looking for, today and tomorrow, to present yourself with integrity and authenticity. She's graceful and chic, inside and out.”

“She’s got so much talent and personality I doubt having 1-on-1 time with her will be around for long.”

“Rose! You’re in my head every morning when I’m getting dressed!”

“Rose is a genius and such a sweet soul! I highly recommend her!!” 

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7-Reasons to Hire Rose

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