Step 2: Organize!

Now that it's cleaned out, let's organize!

  • Get nicer hangers that are all the same.

  • Evenly space everything on the bar. Don’t overcrowd the bar!

  • Choose a clothing organizational strategy and stick with it:

  • hang all items color coded or by item type (jackets, tops, pants, skirts, etc) and then color coded.

  • Install extra shelving above your bar for jeans, tees, and sweaters. Utilize ALL the space between shelves and the ceiling.

  • Hooks to hang belts, hats, or necklaces.

  • Floor shelving for shoes to go below the hanging items.

  • A pretty clock to keep track of time in the morning.

  • Have a full length mirror nearby or on the door.

  • Necklace display stand or hat stand on a shelf or a dresser nearby.