Style Class™: Closet Goals - Hardback (Pre-Order for July 8th launch)

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Style Class™: Closet Goals - Hardback (Pre-Order for July 8th launch)


In Closet Goals, wardrobe stylist Rose Jubb teaches you how to easily look put-together, love your closet, and feel more confident by styling yourself for the life you want.

Rose created Style Class™ especially for women who miss the style they once had, or who know they need the edge that style can provide in achieving their goals, but can't afford a personal stylist to help them...yet!

In this Style Class™ book, Closet Goals, you will learn how to hack your closet (and your morning), shop like a pro stylist, find your style, and style yourself using stylist tricks that work for any size and shape.

There's even an e-course that goes along with this book if you'd like more intensive style help and access to the author in the private group. For more info on the the Closet Goals e-course visit:

There are so many extra resources too! Charts at the back of the book map out staples your closet should have based on your style personality, what to wear to different events based on your personal style profile, and color charts that show you the which neutrals and color pops you should be wearing based on your skin undertones.

A community of supportive women also come with this book! Join in the fun at

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Rose Jubb is a wardrobe stylist, image consultant, author, speaker, e-course creator, podcaster, and mama based out of Portland, Oregon. While styling everyone from stay-at-home moms to diplomats she saw a gap in style education, especially for women with big goals, but no budget for a stylist. So, she created Style Class to fill this gap and give these hardworking ladies affordable style education and a leg up. 

Style Class is a platform that provides free and affordable style education to women through podcasts, blogs, videos, social media groups, books, and e-courses. Come join the fun and learn how to style yourself for the life you want too!

Prior to becoming a stylist, Rose studied communication art and design, marketing, psychology, and got her masters degree in social science with a focus on counseling, all while LOVING fashion and styling anyone who would let her in their closet. She worked in the domestic violence, addiction, and mental health fields before having her son and finally pivoting to help women through style. Confidence is transformative, and helping women in this field compliments everything she has studied and worked for.

Now, after helping and inspiring hundreds of women who could afford a personal stylist, Rose want to help the gals that can't. The mamas on a budget. The ladies just leaving college. The women changing careers. The retirees looking to start something new.