Helping women style themselves for the life they want, because style should be for everyone.


MY Mission

Style Class™ is dedicated to the working women, specifically business owners, needing a boost in confidence. It's ideal for a lady on a budget trying to reach her goals and needing a leg-up.There are multiple free resources provided, including a supportive online communitypodcastblogFacebook page, Owner’s Society membership, and online courses.

Built by me, Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist, Style Class™ Closet Goals video course teaches women how to style themselves to reach their goals. My passion for helping stems from first being a counselor. After becoming a mother I couldn't dedicate the energy needed by that profession, but I still wanted to help women increase their confidence and achieve greatness.

Now, after helping and inspiring hundreds of women who could afford a personal stylist, I want to help the gals that can't...yet. The mama on a budget. The ladies just leaving college. The women changing careers. The retirees looking to start something new.

So follow along, because exciting things are coming! Like DIY Style Videos and the new Style Class™ Closet Goals book. I mean, how amazing could this be?   

It was such a relief to have Rose help me go through my closet. I couldn’t get rid of stuff - even though I know I needed to. She helped me pull outfits together with things I had that I would have never thought about! Thanks Rose!
— Stacy S.

What style class has Achieved