It’s more about confidence than compliments.

My passion is empowering women in business to reclaim their confidence, attract their ideal clients, and reignite their business. All by learning to love the woman in the mirror and dress her with intention!

 First impressions are 3-seconds…or less.

Let’s reignite your confidence and attract your ideal customers in a glance.

Everyday you're showing the world how serious to take you. It’s time to level-up! This former counselor and marketing pro wants to teach you how to style yourself and your life because it builds the true confidence that closes, it reignites your business, and it attracts the people and opportunities that will help you thrive.

Who wants the PERFECT clients and customers? Everyone!

But are you ready to stop leaving a huge chunk of your personal branding resources at home in your closet? If so, I’m the gal to teach you how to leverage your image.

Not just about body type and trends, she’s about you as a person. Rose helps you get to the bottom of what you’re looking for, today and tomorrow, to present yourself with integrity and authenticity.
— Style Classmate: Andrea B.


Not sure you could style yourself? Check out private sessions, both
in-person in Portland, Oregon or virtually from anywhere!